StoryboardYour Video

A crucial part to
the production process to visually
agree the script.

Voice Over& Background Music

We’ll organize
the voice over and provide sample
music for you to choose.


With script and visuals approved,
we start your video animation.


Here we focus on timing,
special effects, sound effects
and music.

Digital Apparatus


The video they delivered was incredible. There’s something about their animation that inherently makes the viewer so much more in tune. Madlock’s team have the ability to turn my thoughts into animations.
Rita Sean, Founder & CEO
Amazing Job! Madlock’s animation video has increased our audience conversion rate more than 100%. Their team has a very unique way of thinking! They know exactly what audience require.
Mark Warne, HOD
Thank you to Madlock Videos team for a wonderful experience building our first whiteboard video. They have a very smooth and responsive way of working, they worked efficiently even when we made major changes in my idea and concept. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final product.
Wendy Jones, CEO
I highly recommend Madlock Videos for your custom animation video! After searching the internet for companies and receiving no call backs and ignored email messages I came across Madlock. The first email I sent to them for a quote I got a reply and a phone call right away. They walked me through the process and answered my questions. The video came out so good! We are excited to unveil it to public! Thanks again!
James Athens, Founder & CEO

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